Monday, February 7, 2011

Body Composition Test

I got a composition test done today at my gym. They tested flexibility, body fat, blood pressure, and resting heart rate. My flexibility was very good (the number isn't on the print-out), my resting heart rate was 70, height of 5'10", weight of 161 pounds, and body fat of 6.5%.
Although my blood pressure was very high, due to the girl who I had deal with to get the test taken. She told me I came on the wrong day, and that the guy who did the tests wasn't there, and that if I wanted to get it done I'd need to wait 45 minutes. Naturally she was wrong about all those things, but gave me attitude all along the way, and it was enough to get me riled up. 147 over 92.
I'll get this test taken every month and see how much the numbers change.
So far, my most pull-ups are 21, and chin-ups are 24. I'll post a video of those and a few other exercises by tomorrow.

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