Tuesday, February 1, 2011

My Athletic History

I'll lay the groundwork for my training logs by describing my athletic history. If you are following this blog to learn training tips or methods, keep in mind the differences that might exist between our preferred styles.

I've always been a runner. I ran Track & Field every year from 6th grade through university. My main events were sprints (100m, 400m), hurdles (110m hurdles, 400m hurdles), and high jump. My favorite event is the 400 hurdles, because they are the most challenging. In high school, coaches only taught you how to improve your legs. But once making a Division 1 college track team, they work hard to strengthen your upper body and core as well.
My fastest times are:
100m: 10.91
110hurdles: 15.6
400hurldes: 56.1
High Jump: 5'10"
Mile Run: 4:53
For fun during the summers, I train for a very popular local race, a straight mile down a road. You can see the finish line from the starting line! My fastest mile time is 4:53. I think I'm most proud of that because most sprinters don't have any significant stamina, but I proved I had the versatility to do both sprinting and long-distances events well.

I also spent thousands of hours playing basketball, and played on the school teams through middle and high school. At one point I was able to dunk very easily, but passing, on-ball defense, and crafty moves were always my strong points. I liked basketball because it is a team sport, and it gives you the freedom to express creativity in an athletic way.

Now I spend most of my athletic energies weightlifting, and developing my upper body. Pull ups, ab exercises, random machines, forearm exercises, and the Big 3 (bench press, deadlift, squats) are my favorite lifts.

I don't remember his name, but I remember another Ultimate Ninja Warrior from Japan made it halfway through Stage 4, and he had an extensive Track & Field background too, so that makes me confident. I will go more into my current training methods later. Please give me some feedback and follow me if you stumble across this blog! It'll get a lot more interesting once I get the formal stuff out of the way and post cool things.

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