Thursday, February 24, 2011

Ninja Nutrition: Pizza of the Gods

After a night of gymnastics, I had worked up a huge appetite, so I knew I needed something that would fill me up. I thought about it for a second, and decided to consult the Ninja Warrior Gods for what I should have for dinner.
"Oh Ninja Warrior Gods! Strengtheners of Akiyama, Trainers of Makoto, Creators of Urushihara.... what should I have for dinner tonight?"
They then communicated to me that I should make pizza.
"Ancient Ones, with your wisdom and glory divine! What kind of ingredients should I use?"
They communicated to me that I should use low-fat, high-protein ingredients.
Low carb flatbread, grilled chicken, pasta sauce, fat-free cheese
They also added that I should cook it at 400 degrees for the first 10 minutes, then lower it to 325 degree for the last 5 minutes. 
10g fat, 35g carbs, 65g protein, 600 calories
The wisdom of the gods payed off, it turned out excellent. But they then asked me if they could have some too, and I said, "No, Ancient Ones! If you wanted some you should have asked me beforehand, I would have made two..."

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