Thursday, February 3, 2011

SWOT Analysis

I need to look at myself and discover what my strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats are.

  • Footspeed, agility, balance, leg strength. Most of my life has been spent running hurdles and jumping, so these skills will never go away.
  • Height and weight. I'm 5'10", 165 lbs right now. If anything I'll get lighter.
  • Developed upper body. These past few years in the weight room have seen my arms grow exponentially, and this will be crucial in the later stages.
  • Inexperience. Although I've done lots of athletic things, I've never competed on Ninja Warrior before. 
  • Upper body. Yes it is listed as a strength, but for what is needed to get to the top of Midoriyama, I still need more muscle.
  • I still have many months ahead of me to train and improve.
  • I can learn from others who have competed before. Most of this will be done online. They can offer advice on certain obstacles, and how the Ninja Warrior process works. I need to be humble and realize there are people who know a lot more about Ninja Warrior than me, and use their shared expertise to learn about the course. 
  • I can meet up with local Ninja Warriors I meet online, and do training with them. Having someone else to encourage, and to be encouraged by, goes a long way. 
  • New crazy obstacles dreamed up by the Sasuke team.
  • Possibility of not getting accepted to the run-through in California
  • Other potential Ninja Warriors who perform better than me.
For those of you following at home, you can do this too. The 4 categories will be the same, but you need to fill it in with your own strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Look at what the course requires, look at yourself, and if you're honest about it, you know exactly what needs improvement, and how you'll do it.
    In the future, a lot of the stuff I post (though not explicitly stated) will deal with the four categories above. I'll make my strengths even stronger, turn my weaknesses into strengths, take advantage of opportunities, and do my best to address and terminate all threats. Don't worry, fellow Ninja Warriors, I don't plan on actually terminating you, haha.

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