Monday, March 7, 2011


I think pull-ups are one of the most important things of being a Ninja Warrior. Stage 3 always proves to be the biggest hurdle, and I actually think it is harder than Stage 4 (especially with the new Ultimate Cliffhanger, and Flying Bar). The majority of the stage focuses on forearms, biceps, triceps, and shoulders. So naturally pull-ups are the perfect building block for that!
There's a bunch of different variations you can do: standard grip, chin-ups, muscle ups, close grip, wide grip, behind the neck, kipping, commando, L-sit, over/under, circle, etc. Youtube them if you don't know what a specific one looks like. The easier a pull up is for you, the better you'll be at Stage 3. If I'm doing a pure pull-up workout, it'll go something like this.

x5 standard pull ups
x5 chin ups
x10 standard pull ups
x10 chin ups
Standard pull ups to fatigue (which means, do as many as you can until you can't do anymore)
5 min break
x10 L-sit pull ups
x5 muscle ups
x10 close grip
x10 wide grip
x10 neutral grip
x10 behind the neck
2 minute break
Kipping pulls up to fatigue (try to ignore the people in the gym giving you weird looks)
10 min break. At this point I'm very tired, so everything from here on out is a real battle. But when you get to Stage 3, you're gonna be dead tired anyway, so these are the sets that really pay off.
x8 commandos
x8 over/unders
x4 circles, alternating directions
x5 behind the neck
3 minute rest
Chin ups to fatigue
Pull ups days are some of the hardest gym workouts I do, and I'm a little nervous when I go to the gym, knowing whats in store for me. But it always pays off. You know it was a good workout when it hurts you just to turn the wheel while driving home.

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