Friday, May 13, 2011

Bad Day

Today the casting agency in charge of selecting participants called to tell me I've been unselected from competing. The producers from G4 initially wanted me on the show due to my entrance video, but unfortunately the casting agency said I did not have enough of a "storyline" (read as: competing for my children, brother going through chemo, dedicating my performance to a parent who was killed while helping me train for Ninja Warrior, etc) and they eventually told me I was not picked. Never been so disappointed in my life. I'll probably just update once a month or so with Ninja Nutrition's and workouts. I just don't have the heart to put so much into it, knowing that I absolutely CAN beat the course... but then not even be given the chance. I just wanted a chance, and felt like I deserved it. Especially upon seeing some of the out-of-shape bums who did get picked to compete.....
On to bigger and better things.

1 comment:

  1. don't give into that corporate bullshit man. american ninja warrior has gone way too commercial and they're losing the best talents they could recruit. keep up with the training.
    on a side note about the video, it was pretty good, it was nice to see a bit of humor that im sure the producers are dying to see, but i think you need to focus more on specific skills needed to run the sasuke course, not just your overall upper body strength.