Saturday, June 11, 2011

New Goals

I'm over the disappointment of not doing this year's Ninja Warrior. Now I'm back to training for gaining muscle mass and sprinting again. My summer goals are to bench press 225, deadlift 285, and squat 300. I'm also gonna train the 400m dash again, and aim to hit in the 55-56 range. When I ran track in college I was running 50 flat, but I don't have time to train like that again. Right now I've already made huge gains in the big lifts since I've been bulking since Ninja Warrior. Things like this don't help.

I ate healthy for so long in preparation for the course. Now I can take it a little easier, and I really splurged my first time out. I happened to drive by a KFC and Wendy's right next to each other, and remembered they each have monstrous/calorie-packed/epic burgers. A Wendy's Triple Baconator and KFC Double-Stacker.....With small fries and and a water. I'm still trying to eat healthy in some ways, thank you very much.
Yes I actually ate it all. 
139g fat, 110g carbs, 146g protein, 2280 calories

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