Thursday, March 15, 2012

Triathlon Training

Another year of Ninja Warrior has come and gone. They opened up their movie submissions 3 months earlier than normal, so I had to submit my same video as last year. I wasn't selected. I'm done with these selective tryouts though, so much for people who deserve it getting a chance.
Instead I'm turning my attention to training for an Olympic Triathlon that is happening in September. It's the Nation's Triathlon in Washington DC.

1500m swim
24.8 mile bike
10k run

I've got 6 months to train for it, I've already spent the last 2 months training. Most of my daily workouts are updated on Fitocracy, but I'll keep my NINJA NUTRITION posts coming here as often as possible.


  1. Hey I followed your blog because I was reading it one day and I really liked it. I know that you aren't training for the Ninja Warrior thing anymore but I think you should continue. I like that your at least putting your hard work and training to good use, and I bet you will do awesome on that Triatholon. But what im trying to get to is i'm only 12 almost 13 and I'm training parkour and freerunning. I love your blog and I think it would be awesome if you kept posting. Also I think if you stick with it you have a good chance to be on Ninja Warrior, I saw your videos and your really athletic and strong. Keep on posting man.

  2. Thanks a lot buddy, for the motivating words. I'm still gonna compete next year, and try to get my video ready well ahead of time. After my races end this October, I'll get back to Ninja Warrior training. For now I'm doing distance training and trying to eat healthy.

  3. Do you have a youtube channel or anything? Are you going to compete for Ninja Warrior too?

  4. Haha no problem. And i'm glad your still going to compete, and good luck on the races. I might audition for Ninja Warrior eventually but I don't think I will yet because I am not even close to in enough shape to even get passed the first stage because I get really tired easily. I was so inspired by your blog that I think I am going to make my own, something like yours but with a little different purpose. You see I do Parkour, and my friends(they do parkour too) and I recently saw a movie called Freerunner and its this parkour race and you need to have amazing stamina, endurance, strength, agility, and power to do this race(we made our own) so I am going to start by training for that and maybe moving on to Ninja Warrior. My friends and I have a Youtube Channel for our parkour that is npkteam6(by the way if you view the channel I am DJ, or the taller one with thin, long brown hair ha). I also have my own account for things such as training videos and just my parkour which is called Parkourmastadaddy.I might start using some of your training Ideas but I am going to make variations to them because I have heard its not good for younger kids to lift heavy weights. Check out the blog I started called How I Became a Ninja(I know I totally copied you, but don't think of it like that haha). Thanks next time just email me so we dont have to have a giant conversation through comments.